McDonalds Demoted Me For Being Sick

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LatonyaSolidarityNo worker should be retaliated against for having a chronic illness. Help me take action!

My name is Latonya Wilson and I’ve been working for McDonalds in Virginia for 10 years. I worked my way up, starting as a crew member, to eventually be promoted to a first assistant manager making $10.50 an hour with benefits including health insurance. About 9 years ago I was diagnosed with Lupus, a chronic autoimmune disease that can damage any part of the body. This condition has sometimes put me in the hospital for a few weeks at a time for treatment.

3 years ago, after spending 3 weeks in the hospital receiving treatment for my Lupus, I attempted to return to work. I was informed by my then manager that if I wanted to continue to work at McDonalds, I would have to drop back down to a crew position with a decrease in pay to $8.00 an hour and no health insurance.

I was devastated. I have three children and I’m the sole provider in my home. I had no choice but to continue to work, even without health insurance. The treatments for Lupus have put me into nearly $260,000 in debt. During my most recent hospital stay I even left against the doctor’s orders to work just so I could pay my rent. The low pay and lack of health care has been incredibly difficult on myself and my family.

It’s not right for a rich company like McDonalds to mistreat workers who are living with chronic illnesses. Please join me in demanding that McDonalds do the right thing:

We demand:

1) I be reinstated to my first swing manager position at McDonalds with the same pay, $10.50 an hour and benefits, I had before, including my much needed health insurance.

2) McDonald’s should never discriminate against any worker for a chronic health condition. They should pledge to follow the Americans with Disabilities Act guaranteeing that every employee be respected and supported while working with a chronic condition.

Thank you for standing with me,
-Latonya Wilson

Sign the petition and help me hold McDonalds accountable: